Zach Harper
Vital statistics
Position Famous member of law
Age Adult
Status Superhero
Physical attributes
Height Average
Weight Fit

Zach Harper Is The main character for Emergency Heroes. He Has a brave spirit and loves to help people, (He even sometimes saves The villan's day!) And Has an array of supercars to unlock.

His life up to being a superhero Edit

Zach's Life has never been easy. He was an old worker for The EHO before his early retirement. He was forced back in to The forces and worked for them there.

It has seemed to notice that he already has unlocked some cars at the start, somehow, unless they were the cars he unlocked as a young recruit, this is left unknow and unexplaned.

Story Progression Edit

In your game you get to use story progression. Story Progression is when you get to the middle of the story and not very much is the same. Story progression is when you age up have children and other things like that but in Emergency Heroes It is different and more complicated. like you have now unlocked to the Industrial Zone. As this page is related to Zach Harper it won't be as more Progressed. In many games like The Sims 3 and many others.